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Exponential Healthcare Practitioners are professionally trained in understanding the concepts of holistic health and diverse modalities associated with the understanding of quantum physics: aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, biofeedback, biology, homeopathy, neurolinguistics, nutrition, psychology and more.

Dr. Dawn Trudeau
Most of the clients I have worked with have seen multiple doctors in traditional medicine and found it has failed them. They are guided to me intuitively or by a referral. I use my intuition and my years of medical experience to help them experience the best version of themselves.
Integrative Medicine Doctor
Christiana Marisa
My expertise is best suited for clients who want to cultivate greater mindfulness of their body and habits and make lifestyle changes to improve their health. I offer a personalized analysis of health and lifestyle and provide guidance on using food as medicine to achieve individual goals. My approach is designed to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their body and its needs, identify and address unhealthy habits, and develop a personalized plan for improving overall health and well-being. I provide ongoing support and guidance to help clients stay motivated and on track as they work towards achieving their goals.
Whole Health Consultant Specializing in Hair Analysis
Issi Gispan
Welcome to the forefront of a Health and Wellness Revolution, where your individuality takes center stage. No longer confined to one-size-fits-all approaches, we celebrate your uniqueness and craft a personalized path to wellness. Our mission is crystal clear: reduce reliance on medication, amplify your knowledge, and foster a profound mind-body connection that empowers your holistic well-being. Tangible results are our focus – expect transformation, enhanced quality of life, and a rejuvenated vitality as outcomes of our holistic approach. Join us on this transformative journey, where your well-being becomes the heart of our care. Secure your online consultation today and embark on a voyage towards health, vitality, and boundless positivity. Your well-being is our unwavering commitment. Issi Gispan
Holistic Health Practitioner, all mental and physical Issues,
Paul Lowell
I attract clients that want to grow in their spirituality and step into their power. I work with them to heal the energy body, release old emotions, and empower their future.
Health Coach and Energy Healer
Victoria Henry
Victoria Henry is an Intuitive Quantum Reiki Master, Certified Exponential Health Coach, thrives in Austin, Texas, she has a rich background in Pro-Consciousness Medicine, Neurofeedback, Digital Biofeedback, Coaching and Communication, Heart Rate Variability, Energy Healing, Heart and Brain Connection, Massage Therapy, and Doula Support and brings an abundant wealth of experience and insight into her practice. Victoria is on track to receive her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine with a foundation in Quantum Physics, Pro-Consciousness Medicine, Neurofeedback, Neuroplasticity, Digital Biofeedback, and Neuro-Linguistics Programming at Quantum University from Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2023, Victoria founded Zennia Wellness. A Women's Wellness practice that empowers women to tap into their inner master healer and master teacher, and focuses on health potential and infinite possibilities. With 11 Years of experience in the wellness industry and a passion for mastering her own health. Victoria has created an abundant life where she loves practicing quantum healing methods and teaching others how to heal.
Exponential Health Coach and Reiki Master
Suzanne Lanting
Create a LIFE you can't wait to wake up to! Life is about EVOLVING and growing into the best version of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally! The ultimate goal is to show up unapologetically no matter what life throws at us! My way of coaching incorporates holistic wellness and my mission is to help you live a happy, healthy, beautiful and vibrant life! Achieve optimal health and wellness by focusing on you as a 'whole'. I work with many people from different walks of life in helping them achieve their greatest potential in the 8 dimensions of wellness; Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual. The concept of multidimensional wellness depends on balancing and enhancing these vital parts in ones life. In order to live an optimal, sustainable and have a positive approach to life is by becoming aware and mindful of making the right choices in order to live our best lives as possible. I am able to help my clients achieve true and lasting transformations by guiding them through a comprehensive program aimed at not only healing them as a whole person but will also develop programs that will suit their lifestyle. Find your purpose, feel and look amazing physically, mentally & spiritually, heal past emotions, regain strength, endurance, vibrance, find healing, build good relationships with food, people, finances and so much more! Are you ready and excited to take on this journey to reclaim your life and learn the language of your mind and body? I hope to see you inside!
Holistic Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Wellness, Longevity

Let us support you in reaching your wellness goals and ultimate health potential!

Pain relief

If you often experience a state of anxiety, depression, and do not want to resort to medication

Physical problem

If you often have trouble sleeping, you have trouble sleeping, prevents live weight, psychosomatic medicine

Help to evolve

Look for ways to develop yourself, develop intuition, stress resistance, and other mental qualities with our practitioners

Lifestyle management

If you often experience a state of anxiety, depression, and do not want to resort to medication


Our coaches create these carefully curated online programs to help you stay healthy and advance to a higher level in your life journey

**Introduction to Free Bonus Gift: Detoxing Information** As a holistic health coach, I am thrilled to present you with a complimentary gift that will empower you to improve your overall well-being safely from the comfort of your home. This free bonus gift provides valuable information on gentle detoxification, a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. In today's world, environmental toxins, food-related toxins, and various pollutants surround us, impacting our health more than we may realize. Understanding the importance of gentle detoxification is vital because our liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lungs, and lymphatic system all work in harmony to assist the body in effectively eliminating toxins. Among these, the liver and kidneys play a significant role in filtering toxins from our blood, and they require support to function optimally. The program I have prepared lays out essential messages to aid in supporting these organs, ensuring a smooth detoxification process. While we may be conscious of what we put into our body, it is equally essential to recognize that our skin is the largest organ, absorbing substances that can influence our health. By being mindful of what we put on our bodies, we further contribute to a holistic approach to detoxification. Additionally, the lymphatic system deserves attention, as it transports vital plasma, helping maintain a strong immune system through effective circulation. Emphasizing the connection between our mental well-being and overall health, I encourage you to explore various stress-management techniques like meditation and deep breathing. These practices not only help reduce stress but also aid in filtering toxins from our body, keeping it detoxified and vibrant. Remember, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is a simple yet crucial step in supporting the body's detoxification process. By embracing this free gift of detoxing information, you will gain deeper insights into how to enhance your well-being, leading to a more balanced and vibrant life. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I hope you find this resource invaluable in your quest for optimal health. Share this gift with others, as together, we can create a community of individuals committed to embracing wellness and vitality. Please enjoy and share my complimentary gift on detox methods. May you be happy, and healthy, and live with ease. In good health, Debbie Janel
MACRO GUIDE -Understanding the basics
**Program Overview:** Macro Guide - Understanding the Basics is a comprehensive nutrition program designed to simplify the understanding of macronutrients and their impact on our body. It addresses the confusion caused by the diet industry and categorizes nutrients into three basic groups: macronutrients that are essential for our body, non-essential nutrients that are beneficial, and harmful nutrients to avoid. **Program Breakdown:** The Macro Guide program is divided into four modules, each dedicated to explaining a specific macronutrient and its effects on the body: 1. Module 1: Carbohydrates - This module delves into the role of carbohydrates in providing energy and their impact on blood sugar levels. It distinguishes between good carbohydrates (complex carbs) and bad carbohydrates (simple carbs) and offers guidance on making healthy choices. 2. Module 2: Proteins - Understanding the importance of proteins for muscle repair, growth, and overall body function is the focus of this module. It identifies complete and incomplete proteins and provides insights into selecting the best sources. 3. Module 3: Fats - This module educates participants about the different types of fats, such as saturated, unsaturated, and trans fats. It highlights the importance of healthy fats and the risks associated with consuming unhealthy fats. 4. Module 4: Putting it All Together - The final module brings together the knowledge gained from the previous modules. It provides practical tips for creating balanced meals and personalized dietary plans based on individual needs and goals. Participants are encouraged to consult with their doctor if they have health issues or any concerns before making significant dietary changes. Thank you for signing up for the program! We hope you find it beneficial and share this beautiful journey with your friends.
Reset the Biofield - Meditation
The "Reset the Biofield Meditation" is a transformative two-week course designed to help you harmonize and rejuvenate your body's energy field, known as the biofield. This course combines ancient meditation techniques with modern understanding of energy healing to support your overall well-being and promote a sense of balance and vitality. Throughout the two weeks, you will be guided through a series of meditation practices specifically designed to cleanse, balance, and reset your biofield. The biofield is an energetic matrix that surrounds and permeates your physical body, and when it becomes imbalanced or blocked, it can lead to physical, emotional, and mental disharmony.
Radiant Woman Revival
Discover a transformed you in just 90 days with this Radiant Woman Revival program. Tailored for women struggling with weight loss, stress management, and seeking happiness: Experience a personalized coaching session through each of the 12 weeks of the program, guiding your journey to a healthier, happier and more radiant you. Embrace your transformation today with the Radiant Woman Revival!
Fertility and Hormone Coach Certification Program - Hormone Puzzle Society Educational Institute for Coaches
The Hormone Puzzle Society Educational Institute for Coaches - Fertility and Hormone Coach Certification Program is the only one of its kind. This world-class certification program will teach you everything you need to know about fertility and hormone health, helping clients create an environment that promotes a fertile mind, body, and spirit, and how to optimize hormones so your client's body is in complete homeostasis. You will create a sustainable and rewarding career helping clients create positive habit change, achieve relief from symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and optimize the likelihood of conception. Position yourself as a knowledgeable and authoritative fertility and hormone coach. The coaching skills, business support, personal development, and education you receive will build your confidence and expertise while emphasizing your value as a fertility and hormone expert. When you complete the Fertility and Hormone Coach Certification Program, you will have earned your title as a Certified Holistic Fertility and Hormone Coach, and you will be among an exclusive group of providers who possess this specialized, holistic, and transformational training. As a graduate, you can apply for board certification with The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. This course is approved and accredited through this governing body.
The SoulWork Workshop: Crafting Your Inner Essence"
Welcome to the SoulWork Workshop, where the journey to self-discovery and personal transformation begins. In this immersive and enlightening course, you will embark on a profound exploration of your inner world, uncovering the secrets to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Dr. Melanie & Oshea Luja will guide you through a transformative process that delves deep into your soul's essence, helping you understand your unique purpose, passions, and potential. Through introspective exercises, mindfulness practices, and thought-provoking discussions, you will gain valuable insights into your true self. As you progress through the SoulWorkshop, you'll learn how to align your actions with your innermost desires, overcome obstacles, and create a life that resonates with authenticity and purpose. Our supportive community of like-minded individuals will offer encouragement and camaraderie as you journey together towards self-realization. Throughout this course, you will learn: Self-Discovery: Dive deep into your core values, beliefs, and aspirations to gain a profound understanding of who you truly are. Goal Setting: Learn effective goal-setting techniques that are aligned with your newfound self-awareness, allowing you to manifest your dreams. Mindfulness and Resilience: Develop mindfulness practices to enhance emotional resilience, manage stress, and maintain inner peace. Relationship Building: Explore how your self-awareness can improve your relationships with others, fostering deeper connections and empathy. Career and Life Design: Discover strategies for aligning your career and life choices with your authentic self, leading to greater satisfaction and success. Transformational Growth: Experience a profound personal transformation that empowers you to live a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Are you ready to embark on this soul-enriching adventure? Join us in the SoulWork Workshop and start crafting the life your soul truly desires.
Gut Healing Elimination Meal Plan
This comprehensive program is a complete guide tailored to help you identify and remove potential dietary triggers that may be contributing to poor gut health. The program will instruct you on how to exclude the most common inflammatory foods, followed by a gradual reintroduction process, during which you'll monitor for any signs or symptoms of sensitivities. THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES: - A complimentary 30-minute Nutritional Consult ($100 Value) - Access to six thoughtfully prepared informational PDF downloads: 1. “How to Guide” including; step-by-step instructions for the elimination diet 2. Symptom Chart 3. Yes/No Food Guide 4.Snack Guide 5. Four Week Meal Plan Menu 6.Health Gut Recipe Bundle! - Informative Videos - An exclusive discount on my "Gut Healing Elimination Gastrointestinal Health" supplement protocol. This protocol is designed to enhance your gut health, paving the way for a renewed overall well-being.
Marketing Mastery for Coaches - Hormone Puzzle Society Educational Institute for Coaches
The Hormone Puzzle Society Educational Institute- Marketing Mastery for Coaches. This world-class program will teach you all the missing business, marketing and social media pieces that you didn't learn in school. These are the exact pieces that you need to know to become an expert in your field and run a purposeful, profitable, and virtual coaching practice. One that lets you work from anywhere in the world and make income on your terms. These are the same organic strategies that Dr. Kela used to scale her business from 5 to multiple 6 figures in a year. She is on track to hit 7 figures in 2024. She is going to give you her exact blueprint. This course will get you out of overwhelm and into organic action. The coaching skills, business support, personal development, and education you receive will build your confidence and expertise while emphasizing your value as an expert in your niche. When you complete the Marketing Mastery for Coaches Program, you will be among an exclusive group of providers who possess this specialized, holistic, and transformational training. This is the last marketing course you will ever need. Enroll today!

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